Oliver Zeter Riesling 2015 Trocken

This Riesling comes from two vineyards in Mittelhaardt. When it comes to raciness and finish, the hillside grapes are cared for by skeletal-rich and sandy subsoil in Hambach. The vines are now nineteen years old and are characterized by moderate growth and very late maturity. The remaining wine comes from the Nußriegel vineyard in Ungstein, one of the finest sites in Mittelhaardt. In the 30-year old vineyard, grapes are grown which make greatly refined wines paired with a delicate length. The grapes were gently pressed using a pneumatic wine press immediately after the grapes were received at the winery. The best possible oxygen exclusion during pressing decreased undesired oxidation and the consequent loss of flavor. The fresh must cleared by means of its own settling. Subsequent fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks at 18° C and proceeded very slowly to protect the delicate flavors of the Riesling. Following fermentation, the young wine was left on the fine yeast for several months in order to preserve the freshness and to shape the structure of the Riesling. No fining was carried out before filling and it was only clarified by a filtration process using cellulose.