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Color: intensive red tending to purple; with aging it gets a pigeon blood-red color, with purple shade

Aroma: distinctive fragrance of berries, with intriguing traces of bitter almond and pleasant mineral aspects

Taste: elegant, structured, definitely strong, even soft and round; in the right proportion tannic, with a mature tempering and a distant hint of peppers.

Suitable food: lasagne, ravioli with meat, stewed mushrooms, veal and pork roast, stewed and grilled venison, braised meat, gorgonzola, provolone and parmesan cheese (also grilled)

Serving temperature: 18-20°C

Serving way: open the bottle by time before serving or pour the wine into a crystal pitcher to help oxygenation. The size of the crystal pitcher facilities the development of soft, ripe and complex tannins.